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Table of Content:


Operating Systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Minix
UNIX: Programming in Kernel, User space, and X Window System
Programming Languages: C & C++, PASCAL, Perl, SQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, Assembly (x86), AWK, SED, UNIX Shell Script, FoxPro, Prolog.
Networking: SMB (Server Message Block, CIFS) File and Print Sharing protocol of Microsoft Windows, NFS (Network File Server) , TCP/IP (and UDP/IP), IPX/SPX protocol, NetBios, Ethernet, PPP, Novel NetWare 3.x, Socket Programming (UNIX, and Win32)
Graphic User Interfaces: GTK+/GNOME, Qt/KDE, Motif, Xlib, OpenGL
Database Engines: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL



Project Design and Implementation of Unix Vizible World Viewer
Date 11/2000 - 11/2001
Description Design and development of a 3D Window Manager using X Window System
Role Architecture, Designer and Developer
Development Environment GNU development environment (C/C++), Linux (RedHat 7.0), Microsoft Windows 2000, OpenGL, SGI IRIX 6.5, Xfree86 4.0.1

Project CacheFORCE Web-Based GUI development project
Date 5/2000-9/2000
Description Design and development of a Web-Based user-friendly GUI in order to administrate and configure the CacheFORCE server box
  • Developed Web based user interface for CacheFORCE, using HTML, and JavaScript
  • Wrote many different CGI scripts for CacheFORCE User Interface with Perl
Development Environment GNU development environment (gcc), Linux (RedHat 6.1), Microsoft Windows 9x, UNIX Socket Programming, Linux Kernel, Ethernet LAN

Project CacheFORCE OS development project
Date 12/1999-9/2000
Description CacheFORCE is an HTTP Proxy Server, which can help to reduce the web traffic between the Intranet and Internet, it also has lots of access control mechanism and web site filtering policies
  • Designed and developed a Device Driver for CacheFORCE OS (LCD Panel Device Driver)
  • Designed and implemented an Event Logger for CacheFORCE
Development Environment GNU development environment (gcc), Linux (RedHat 6.1), Microsoft Windows 9x, UNIX Socket Programming, Linux Kernel, Ethernet LAN

Project Improving the performance of TCP/IP protocol stack for Linux and some application servers.
Date 12/1996-12/1999
Description In order to gain a higher throughput for various Network Attached Storage Servers. A number of new system calls were added to reduce/eliminate protocol overloads and buffer copies. In a prior stage, Linux OS was modified to become a semi-exokernel OS
  • Developed and tested a user space TCP/IP protocol stack for Linux.
  • Designed, developed and tested some new system calls in new OS to improve the performance of TCP/IP Protocol.
  • Assisted other developers with expertise in the design and development of complex applications in C/C++, TCP/IP sockets, multi-threading.
  • Performance Improvement for Samba (SMB/CIFS server for UNIX).
Development Environment GNU development environment (gcc), Linux (Slackware 3.3), Microsoft Windows 9x, 3.1, NT, VC++, Linux Kernel, UNIX Socket Programming, Ethernet LAN

Project P.O.S. (Point of Sale) system
Date 10/1994-11/1996
Description Developing a P.O.S. (Point of Sale) system to communicate with the Oracle database engine.
  • Designed and implemented a P.O.S. (Point of Sale) System.
  • Oracle database Administration.
Development Environment Borland C++ 3.0, MSDOS 6.2, NetWare 3.11, Oracle 7.01, SQL*PLUS, SQLFORMS 3, Microsoft C 4.0, Embedded SQL



1988-1993 B.Sc. in Software Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Thesis Subject: Design and Implementation of an Interactive SQL interpreter.

Training: Aug 1996 Oracle DBA Course, MDS Company.


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Fax:     +1-(707)-988-0742


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